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Heat press machine- 1. Set Heat Press Machine Temperature at 140-160°C. 2. The clothes are laid flat on the ironing board with the heat transfer pattern facing up. 3. Press the handle down firmly for 10 seconds, lift the handle and finally tear off the protective film to complete. Normal Iron- 1.Place the ironing plate and keep it flat, lay the clothes on it, and pre-press it once. 2.Face up the heat transfer pattern and set the temperature of the iron at 140-160°C. 3.Use a thin layer of cloth to press the surface of the heat press evenly for 10 seconds. Slowly tear off the PET protective film while it is still hot. 4.If there is a warped edge, directly put the release paper or peel off the PET film and iron it for 5-10 seconds. 5.Completed. Cool before folding and wash after 24 hours.

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