#like YLZ Emulsion Scoop Coater for Screen Printing 9″,Aluminum Alloy, Screen Printing Supplies

YLZ Aluminum alloy scoop coater used to apply emulsioin evenly on silk screens in the process of printmaking, after exposed on light, the emulsion exposed on light will become unwashable and remain on the screen, the unexposed part otherwise.
Length of the scoop coater: 9inches/23cm

Alumium alloy scoop coater is great tool to apply emusion on printing screens.
The emulsion scoop is made of good quality alloy with durable plastic terminals.
The Aluminum alloy is lightweight, easy to clean, solvent resistant.
The edge part on the scoop coater which get in touch with screen is neat and smooth, will guanrantee the emulsion coated on screen evenly.
The Aluminum alloy scoop is one of the most indispensable part of screen printing kit, which is used easily by hand.

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