#like Wolf Iron On Patch Beautiful Wolf Appliques Watercolor Folk-Custom Style Heat Transfer Vinyl Sticker with Grade-A Thermal Transfer Stickers Waterproof&Washable Decal for DIY T-Shirt Jacket Dresses

Ke-style heat transfer characteristics: Bright colors, vivid images, strong stereoscopic effect, easy to operate.
The texture is smooth, feels good, environmentally friendly, resistant to abrasion, alkali, light, abrasion, washable and fading.
It meets Class A, Class 4 standard and has an elasticity of up to 500%.

Note on using an electric iron:
1. clothing, etc. must be placed flat, choose the location of the heat transfer, the electric iron(preferably not using a steam iron) placed in the cotton gear position (the gear depends on the material of the heat transfer), the temperature is 145 ℃ -160 ℃ press down 10 seconds, pay attention to the pressure must be enough;
2. hot tearing heat transfer needs to immediately tear off the pet film;
3. Wash it after 24 hours. Please wash it as much as possible by hand. Avoid smashing the pattern part,please turn over the clothes when washing.

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