#like Winspeed Inkjet Transparency Film Printable 100% Clear Transparency Sheets, Inkjet Transparency Film for Screen Printing, 25 Pack Overhead Projector Film Sheets(8.3 x 11.8 inch)

Color: transparent
Size: 8.3 x 11.8 inches
Material: High quality PET

Product Details:
25 Pack Inkjet Transparency Films

Product Features:
1. Waterproof and instant dry.
2. Writeable and erasable.
3. Ideal for crafting and floating ornaments.
4. Suitable for screen printing, a variety of inkjet printers, and overhead projectors.

Warm Tip:
Please store transparency sheets in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
🌸【Premium Quality】Printable transparency sheets are 100% transparent, made of high-quality PET material, with strong coating and good ink absorption. The printed product has bright colors and full color. The sensitivity is 100%.
🌸【Perfect for Printing and Projection】Inkjet printer screen printing sheets are suitable for Epson, HP, Canon and other inkjet printers. They can also be used for screen printing and overhead projectors as transparency sheets. Good choices for conference speech and teaching purposes.
🌸【Distinguishing Features】The inkjet transparency film is waterproof and dries quickly after touching the water. Even if the printed product hits the water, it will not fade. You can also write on it with a marker, and notes can be erased easily. Transparency film can also be cut into a pattern you like.
🌸【Ideal for Floating Ornaments】Print or draw your favorite patterns on printable transparency sheets, and then paste them on windows or transparent glass to form a beautiful floating ornament. It can be used for Christmas and other holiday decorations, and can also be used as a gift.

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