#like US Stock Flash Dryer 6000 W 20 x 24 Auto Infrared IR for T-Shirt Screen Printing Automatic Double IR Fan Flash Dryer Instruction Flash Dryer with Sensor Flash Dryer Controller Silk Screen Printing

Adjustable height: There are two adjustable height buttons on the support rod of the machine, which can adjust the height of 80-120 cm according to personal needs, which is easy to adjust.
High working efficiency: Provides greater curing capacity, can save time, make the ink dry quickly, but also save energy and improve work efficiency.
Rugged and durable: The machine is made of iron shell, durable and strong, not easy to deform, the shell is coated with powder outer layer, not easy to rust, and has a long service life.
Quality service: We will provide good quality products. If you receive a problematic product, please contact us immediately.
Wide range of uses: The machine can be used to dry printing inks, and is widely used in printing inks in garment factories, etc.

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