#like TIANIUSEEN 24 x 28inch UV Exposure Unit Silk Screen Printing Light Box with 12 pcs LED Light Tubes Blue

Countdown Timer Using Method
1.Before using, please press the “C” button to reset,it will display 00:00 00 and flash.
2.Press the “hour” “minute” and “second” button separately to set the countdown time,then the screen shows “ON”
3.Press the “start/restart” button to start work.
For example:need to set the expose time 5 minutes 30 seconds
1. Press “C” button to remove the original set ;
2.Press “minute” set to “5”;press “seconds” set to “30”;Then press “start/restart” to start machine,light on.
3.After 5 minutes 30 seconds, light will turn off automatically.If this setting do not need to be changed, it will be saved automatically.When the machine start again,timer will start again from 5 minutes and 30 seconds
Notice:Different brand emulsion will need variety exposing time, operator need to test with this machine and set to the best exposing time.

【PARAMETER】Max screen frame size: 24 X 28 inch;Voltage:110v;Working temperature: -25℃-65℃;Machine size:31.5×28.3×11 inch.The maximum external size of your screen frame must be within 28″ x 25″x1.5″.Mainly used for exposure small screens,printing plate,hot stamping
【INTELLIGENT TIMER】Adopt countdown timer to set the exposing time,after the exposure time is reached, the machine automatically turns off. The timer will automatically save and memory your set data.Count range:1 second – 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds
【HIGH QUALITY】This exposure unit with 12 LED light tubes and the wavelength is 395mm.The machine is made of high-quality steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which is corrosion-resistant and durable
【DURABLE AND SAFE】Equipped with 8mm tempered glass plate which is resistant to friction and durable. Even if the glass is broken,the glass shards are no sharp so that to ensure the safety of operators.
【HUMANIZED DESIGN】Equipped with 2pcs black sponges(8*12*2.5inch & 12*16*2.5inch) and you can place a flat weight on the sponge to improve the quality of exposing.Equipped a cover the top of the machine to block the UV damage to the operator

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