#like TECHTONGDA Vacuum UV Exposure Unit Screen Printing Plate Making with 12 LED Tubes for 22 x 24inch Frame Exposing Area 24 x 26inch

TECHTONGDA offers products of many fields, such as pellet making machine, belt conveyor , meat cutter and etc.
This vacuum UV exposure unit mainly used for exposure precise screens; the external pump is connected with main engine; it will make the screens and transparency film close on the glass tightly by evacuating the air of the vacuum charmer; exposure quality is high, especially for precise screens.
An external high speed vacuum pump is included. Vibration is small; noise is small; vacuum degree is 5Pa and it can work for 24 hours.
The machine adopts timer to set the exposing time; the timer have automatic memory function, set in once, whether the number of switch turn on or off, time will save.
There are twelve LED UV light tubes,it can normally be used for about 10,000 hours.
The exposing area is 24*26in,and it is suitable for exposing different size screen frames within outsize 22*24in.

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