#like TECHTONGDA UV Exposure Unit 24×28 Inches Silk Screen Printing LED Light Box Plate Burning 110V

24″x28″UV Exposure Unit
Exposure Unit is an important tool in screen printing because screen exposure is one of the most important steps to the screen making process. This 24″x28″ table top exposure unit combines affordability and quality. With this unit you are able to burn crisp images and bring a professional look to your screen printing shop. The built in automatic timer helps achieve a perfect exposure effect.
Working principle: screen printing screens are coated with a light sensitive emulsion using a scoop coater. When the emulsion is dry, place a positive print of your image on the screen. Once you burn the screen, the emulsion that did not get any UV will wash out of the screen exposing the tiny pin holes. The surrounding areas that were exposed to UV will be cured. Hence the ink will pass through screen onto your substrate.
Note: The maximum external size of your screen frame must be within 28″ x 25″x1.5″. If exceeded these sizes, our exposure unit cannot be covered well, which will affect your exposing effect.
Item include: 1 set 25×28 inch LED exposure unit — 006856

Specifications: Voltage: 110/220V;Maximum Exposing Area:25×28 inches; Plug standard: US, Canada; Exposure Time range: 1s-9999999s; Item weight: 88lbs;Note: The maximum external size of your screen frame must be within 28″ x 25″x1.5″.
12 LED UV(ultraviolet) fluorescent lights makes exposure evenly ,which guarantees the exposure quality.Timer will turn off the light automatically according to the setting. It will keep this setting and repeat use unless you change the exposing time.
Based on the User-friendly and practical principles, this LED Exposure Unit adopts table top structure, professional design and easy operation.Complete accessory tools and spare parts make it easy to maintain and replace. We also provide excellent post sales service, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.
Digital timer ensures precise exposure time. Time setting range is 1s-99hr 59min and 59s. It can memorize your last exposing time setting and repeat time setting.Power calls off by itself when the count-down time is over.Different brand emulsion will need variety exposing time, operator need to test with this machine and set to the best exposing time.
Upper surface is covered by 0.3″(8mm) high-strength toughened tempered glass board, anti-pressure, uneasy to scratch skins. Once the glass is broken, it will turn into pieces without sharp edges to insure safety.All-metal shell adopts advanced electrostatic painting inside and outside.Elegant outline, convenient to clean and no rust

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