#like Speedball Screen Printing Essential Tools Kit

Ideal for those who already have all the ink their project requires, the Speedball Essential tools kit contains the products needed to created using either the drawing fluid/screen filler or the photo emulsion methods of screen printing. This kit features: (1) 10”x14” Speedball wooden screen frame; (1) red Baron squeegee; (1) 4oz. Bottle of drawing fluid; (1) 4oz. Bottle of screen filler; (1) 3.3oz. Bottle of Speedball diazo photo emulsion; (1) bottle of Speedball sensitizer; (1) 4oz. Bottle of Speedball photo emulsion remover; (1) 4oz. Bottle of Speedball speed clean; (1) round brush; (1) Speedball screen printing instruction guide.
FEATURES ALL THE ESSENTIAL TOOLS – Ideal for those who already have all the ink their project requires or if you just need to stock up on a few key screen printing tools
TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL – For those ready to tackle both the Drawing Fluid/Screen Filler and the Photo Emulsion methods of screen printing, this kit provides all the tools you need (minus your favorite ink color) to screen print using the drawing fluid/screen filler and photo emulsion methods
DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED – Kit includes redesigned Speedball Screen Printing Instruction Guide – with color-coded step-by-step instructions this is the go-to resource for all screen printers
WHAT’S INCLUDED – (1) 10”x14” Speedball wooden screen frame; (1) Red Baron Squeegee; (1) 4Oz. Bottle of Drawing Fluid; (1) 4Oz. Bottle of Screen Filler; (1) 3.3Oz. Bottle of Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion; (1) bottle of Speedball Sensitizer; (1) 4Oz. Bottle of Speedball Photo Emulsion Remover; (1) 4Oz. Bottle of Speedball Speed Clean; (1) round brush; (1) Speedball Screen Printing Instruction Guide
NOTE – Sensitizer bottle will feel and may appear to be empty. The bottle contains a very small amount of sensitizer that can appear like thick oil or paste.

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