#like Speedball 2-Pack 110 Monofilament Screen Printing Frame, 10 x 14 Inch

Speedball’s Wooden Screen Printing Frames are made from high-quality wood that is sanded to a smooth finish, accurately-mitered, and precisely-fastened. Available across a broad range of sizes, Speedball’s wooden screens are designed to suit your printing needs.

Featuring professional-grade polyester fabric that is perfect for graphic and textile printing, Speedball’s 110 Monofilament Screen Printing Frames are durable and easy to reclaim after each use. Screen fabric is cord-locked in grooves and can be tightened or replaced. There are 110 holes per linear inch.

As a pioneer in the formulation and manufacturing of safe and high-quality screen printing supplies, Speedball proudly provides screen printers of all ages and skill levels all that’s needed to explore their creative processes. This package contains two 14 x 10 inch monofilament screen. Made in USA.
QUALITY WOOD FRAME – Smooth, hardwood frame with accurately mitered and securely fastened corners
PROFESSIONAL GRADE POLYESTER MESH – 110 Monofilament fabric ideal for precise designs and registrations and suitable for graphic and textile printing
CORD-LOCKED MESH – Screen fabric is cord-locked for easy tightening or replacement
EXCELLENT DURABILITY – Easy to reclaim the screen after each use
CONTAINS TWO (2) 14-INCH X 10-INCH SCREENS – Screen size is inner dimensions

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