#like Screen Printing Squeegee, 5.9 inch/9.4 inch/13.7 inch, 75 Durometer Wooden Ink Silk Stencil Scraper for Screen Printing Water Squeegee-3PCS

Screen printing squeegee is for scratching the ink on the screen and make it leak to the substrate, suitable for all hand printing and many machine applications.

Quantity: 3PCS
Material: Made of rubber blade and wooden handle
Durometer: 75

Package included:
1pc 5.9 inch (15 cm) Screen Printing Squeegee
1pc 9.4 inch (24 cm) Screen Printing Squeegee
1pc 13.7 inch (35 cm) Screen Printing Squeegee
【3 Different Sizes】The wooden scraper has 3 sizes, 5.9inch, 9.4inch and 13.7 inch, 75 Durometer screen printing squeegees, which easily adapt to different size frames and printing patterns.
【Sturdy and durable】Wooden Ink Scraper is composed of a light wooden handle and a high-quality rubber strip, excellent abrasion and solvent resistance.
【Comfortable and Flexible】The wooden handle has an ergonomic shape for comfort and maximum control and the quality polyurethane blade is very smooth when running the ink across the screen, and the combination of the two can transfer ink to the substrate cleanly and conveniently.
【Easy to Clean】This screen printing squeegee can be cleaned with water, soak it in water first after use, then clean with water. After scraper cleaning, please storing for two hours to use it again to allow the solution to evaporate completely. Storage should be hung or placed on a knife holder.
【Widely Application】Screen printing squeegee is widely used in the field of screen printing, which is very suitable for clothing printing, manual DIY printing, and advertising printing.

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