#like Screen Printing Exposure Unit, 20W LED UV Screen Printing Exposure Light with Light Stand for Screen Printing Exposing and Cyanotypes

To Expose A Screen:
   1. Complete light fixture to power LED.
   2. In a light safe environment center UV LED Exposure unit directly above the middle of the screen at a height of 12-15 inches. Note: The higher your LED is, the longer your exposure time, and the more coverage to the screen.
   3. Place opaque black transparency reverse onto shirt side of screen and tape to screen. If your transparency is not opaque your screen will not expose as well.
   4. You can add a piece of thin clear glass on top of your screen to increase the positive pressure during exposure. This is optional but will increase the detail gained during exposure.
   5. Expose for 10-12 minutes in a light safe environment. Note: Ensure your screen is bone dry before exposing. The more emulsion your screen has, the longer your exposure times will be. Increase exposure for lower mesh counts.
   6. Washout your screen out with high pressure water in a safe environment.
   7. Blot the image with newspaper or clean absorbent, then dry.
LED Exposure Unit Tips:

  • If your image does not expose or washout properly. First make sure you are in a light safe environment. Ensure your screen is coated with a thin coat of emulsion and allowed to dry so it is smooth to the touch. If your emulsion is tacky you need to either coat it with less emulsion or dry it for a longer period of time. You can use a clean fan or dehumidifier to speed up the drying process. Ensure your film positive is dark and opaque. Ensure your screen has positive contact between the film positive and the screen mesh. Add a sheet of glass or foam under the screen to increase positive contact.
  • If your screen exposes but is slimy, increase exposure time by 1 minute and try again.
  • If you can’t wash out the image then decrease the time by 1 minutes until the image appears

【Speed Screen Printing】The LED exposure unit uses direct and uniform light makes an ultra-fast exposure. Transfers images perfectly from film to screen. About 10-12 minutes exposure time, depending on the emulssion coating thickness.
【More Convenient】On/off switch button is designed to be more within reach, eliminating the need to search for outlets after completion. Adjustable hand-free 180-degree swivel bracket, adjustment can be made to obtain the desired exposure angle.
【Light stand】The exposure unit stand has an overall dimension of 15.7”(W) x 15.7”(L) x 12”(H), Can be placed on floor or your art table, the exposure light will be suspended from the beam by 2 S-shaped hanging hooks.
【Efficient & Long-lasting】The screen printing kit saves space and energy costs. 20W 110V, 395nm of wavelength, unlike metal-halide bulbs, LEDs do not waste power and last. LEDs can last around 100,000 hours
【Wide Uses】The screen printing kit is mainly used for making screen plate in screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping printing, cyanotypes and other screen plate exposure. Fits on frames measuring less than 15.7 X 11.8 inches.

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