#like Rolls of 24″ inches x 100′ feet- 5 MIL – Waterproof Screen Printing Inkjet Film Transparency for EPSON HP CANON (Water-based-dye and pigment ink) Printers 2″core (6)

Quality Assurance
Transparent Inkjet Film kit sold by Vibe Ink. Designed to be fast-drying, positive inkjet film
Trusted by over 200,000 people.
Great for Screen Print Shop Owners, Arts n Crafts Projects, Classroom Projectors, T-Shirt Companies, Private Sellers, Schools, Businesses, Parties, Construction & More!
The large roll (24″x100′) will ensure that your project gets done.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Quick-drying
  • Clear, Milky
  • Waterproof, Screen-print compatible
  • Quick & Easy to Assemble

What’s Included

  • 6 x Large (24″x100′) Transparent 5mil InkJet Film Rolls

Universal Waterproof Quick Drying Inkjet Transparency Film for Printing, Writing, Overhead Display Covers and much more!
Waterproof, Fast Dry; Clear, Milk White:Waterproof Inkjet Positive Film is designed for silk screen industry
Great for EPSON, CANON, HP Inkjet Printers – Water Based – Suitable for both dye and pigment ink
24-inches x 100-feet / roll,Premium Waterproof Inkjet Instant Dry Transparency Film for Silk Screen Printing for EPSON HP CANON(Water-based-dye and pigment ink ) Printers 2″core
Please reach out to us for any assistance with your order!

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