#like Pllieay 62PCS Complete Screen Printing Kit Include Fabric Screen Printing Ink & Photo Emulsion & Diazo, Screen Frame and Base, Silk Screen Printing Hinge Clamps, Emulsion Scoop Coater

screen printing kit
An Upgraded Screen Printing Kit: 6 screen printing Ink, 1 photo emulsion&diazo, screen frame and base, silk screen printing hinge clamps, emulsion scoop coater, screen printing frames(10×14″ & 8×10″) with 110 white mesh, screen printing squeegee(9.4″), plastic scraper(6.8″), inkjet transparency film, mask tape, wood stick, 100ml Silicone measuring cup, plastic cups, gloves, and instructions
Six-Color Ink Set: Includes 6 cans of 6-6.5 ounce (170-180 ml) screen printing ink–black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, and Photo Emulsion & Diazo (After stirring Photo Emulsion and Diazo, you had better use it within one month, no more than two months, if the Diazo and Photo Emulsion are not be mixed, they can be stored separately for one year.)
Different-Size Frames: 10×14″ & 8×10″, two kinds of wooden screen printing frames with 2 kinds of screen printing squeegees, they must be the great partner for each other, and this match will meet your different size needs
Screen Frame Base kit: We provide a base and silk screen printing hinge clamps to make your DIY easier and cleaner, will make your work more convenient
Suitable Emulsion Scoop Coater: We provide a suitable Emulsion scoop coater for our frame, which will save your time to find and buy a suitable scoop coater

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