#like Pllieay 6 Colors Fabric Screen Printing Inks 6-6.5 Ounce Each for Fabric T-Shirt Printing, with Photo Emulsion & Diazo

Pllieay 6 colors Ink & Photo Emulsion & Diazo

Pllieay fabric screen printing inks provide artists with bold, rich colors and all the accessories they need. The super high cost performance will satisfy your pleasure. You can make a large number of products, all of which will not affect your budget

Step Guide:
How to mix Diazo and Photo Emulsion?
1. Tear off the Diazo and pour it into the filling cup
2. Add water(15ml) and stir well
3. Pour into the Photo Emulsion
4. Stir evenly (note: metal sticks cannot be used for stirring, It is best to use it within one month, not more than two months. If the Diazo and Photo Emulsion are not mixed before, they can be stored separately for one year)

Package Contents:
6 colors Ink(6-6.5 ounce, 170-180 ml each): black, white, red, yellow, blue and green
1 x Photo Emulsion
Diazo 1g

1. The ink is water-based ink, when the water and oil are separated, it can be used normally after stirring.
2. After the ink is opened and used, pay attention to seal it to keep it moist, so as to avoid the phenomenon of the ink becoming hard or sinking to the bottom.

Beginner Ink kit–A multi-color paint set containing Diazo and Photo Emulsion, 6 colors ink, each color is about 6-6.5 ounces, lots of projects can be produced with these sufficient ink
Use On Fabric, Paper Or Cardboard–very suitable for printing on a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, blends, linen, rayon and other synthetic materials. Also suitable for paper and cardboard
The Permanent Result Of Textile Printing–the ink produces a super soft feel on the fabric and will be permanent once it is properly heat-set/cured
Use On Light Colored Fabrics–for best display results, please use on light-colored fabrics, which will highlight the design patterns more
Six Color Set–includes 6 cans of (6-6.5 ounce /170-180 ml) black, white, red, yellow, blue and green

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