#like Longan Craft Kitchen Silk Screen Stencils Self Adhesive Reusable Mesh Screen Printing Stencils Food Cooking Transfers for DIY Painting on Wood Chalkboard Decoration (Cooking is Love Made)

Our silk screen stencils have unique design and can help you make different decoration.
Whether you’re making fabric projects, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote-bags, pillow, canvas, wood signs, card making, chalkboards and other home decorations, our reusable mesh stencils are great way to increase highlights.

Usage and Care for silk screen transfers:

①PEEL the transfers, pulling straight. Please be carefully to avoid stretching. Ensure adhesive side does not curl and touch.
②APPLY your paste or other medium by putting a thin even layer over the stencil using a scraper or squeegee. Ensure paste or ink is wet and finish the application quickly.
③WAIT some minutes, then remove the adhesive silk screen transfers carefully and slowly from surface. Dot not pull diagonally to avoid stretching. When removing silk screen transfer, check color coverage. Ensure to remove the silkscreen transfer before the paste or ink dries.
④CLEAN your adhesive stencil immediately after use in water, scrub gently to prevent silkscreen transfer from streching.
⑤DRY the stencil.
⑥STORE after washing. Laying flat with adhesive side up until fully dry, put stencil back onto backing paper, keep in a dry and cool place.

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