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pay attention It is highly recommended that you first try using a piece of waste cloth, and after the test is successful, you will start to get hot! Corners must be repeated several times to prevent edging. After burning, you should check it carefully. To ensure that there are no problems, you can press the garment one or two times afterwards. In short, it is difficult to examine carefully, wash it out and then remedy it. Remember that when the film is peeled off, it can be covered with film or a release paper or a thin cloth until it is firm. DIY with kids together. happy every day with smile ^-^
For Household Irons
TOOL: 1, Ironing Pad 2, Electric irons( Do not steam iron) 3, Separator Paper
STEPS: 1,The ironing Pad on the platform.
★ Tile clothes in the Ironing pa.
★The pattern on the position you want to paste.
★ Turn Off the steam, temperature at 120-160 deg.
★ 10-15 seconds with a beat.
★ tear off membrane,immediately .
★ If isn’t Ironing intact, repeat step 5.
★ congratulations, patterns completion.
For Heat Transfer Machine
★ Setting temperature, heat press machine.
★ Clothes flat on the Ironing board.
★ Put heat transfer, upward patterns.
★ Handle push down firmly for 10 seconds.
★ Left handle, ripped membrane pet, immediately
★The patterns on clothes membrane present.
Warm tips:Washed after 24 hours.

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