#like Ecotex® Wooden Screen Printing Squeegee 6″ – 70 Durometer Rubber Squeegee for Screen Printing Screens, Ink Scraper for Frames, Durable Clear Blade Squeegee for Silk Screens – Screen Printing Supplies

We have created the ultimate heavy duty wood squeegee with a rad transparent blade. The blade is crafted from polyurethane which is made to withstand ink and harsh solvents. With a durometer of 70 this squeegee is perfect to tackle any job. The cut edge is shaped perfectly, making your strokes effortless.


Clean the squeegee after use; residue can affect the performance of the blade. For best results rotate squeegees after multiple print jobs. You can sharpen and cut the edges of your blade for the desired amount of ink you want pushed through.
Bang for Your Buck – Not your average rubber squeegee, this durable Wooden Squeegee will coat screens for years to come. Locked together with steel staples and industry standard glue, the wooden handle will never become loose from its rubber blade.
Precision Cut for Perfection – Each clear blade squeegee is inspected for perfection before shipment, ensuring that the rubber blade is completely level and is locked and aligned in place with its handle. Effortlessly print flat and even coats with this sharp polyurethane blade.
Ergonomic and Smooth – The wooden handle is also inspected for perfection before being packaged. Making sure that splinters on the wood are out of the question. This red pine handle will impress with every pass.
Size Matters – Here at Screen Print Direct, we understand that size is important. Which is why the Ecotex Clear Blade Wooden Squeegee is offered in 4 different sizes. 6 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch.
Risk Free – If you aren’t absolutely satisfied with your Screen Print Direct Wooden Screen Printing Squeegee, we will offer a full, 30-day money-back refund.

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