#like Ecotex® Screen Printing Emulsion Remover (Pint – 16oz.) – Photo Emulsion Cleaner on Screen Printing Screens – Silk Screen Photopolymer Emulsion Stencil Remover – Easy to Use Screen Printing Supplies

Breakdown emulsion
Ecotex’s Best Seller – This powerful and efficient emulsion remover breaks down two-part and pre-sensitized emulsion. For use in sink or paired with screen printing washout booth. Reclaim screens in seconds. Strong enough for removing all emulsion types at the shop but safe enough to use at home. Emulsion remover is 100% drain safe.
Biodegradable and Eco Friendly – Whether you use it on your silkscreen equipment, in your shop or in your garage, you are in good hands. Our proprietary formula can handle all the tough jobs and still be safely handled.
Safe for All Mesh – No matter your what emulsion came in your screen printing starter kit or how dirty your silkscreen equipment is, Ecotex’s Emulsion Remover can clean it without any harsh chemicals.
Ready to Use – Use right out of the bottle for tough jobs like screen printing emulsion, photo emulsion or emulsion residue on screen printing equipment. Feel free to dilute up to 4:1 with water for everyday maintenance like home use or just around the shop. Available in quart and gallon size.
Made in the USA – We proudly manufacture and distribute to the USA. Whether you are a veteran at screen printing or you are getting you first set of screen printing supplies, Screen Print Direct has you covered.

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