#like Ecotex Jet Black Water Based Screen Printing Ink (Pint – 16oz.) – Fabric Ink, Silk Screen Ink, Soft Fabric Ink or Screen Ink for Shirt Printing – Screen Printing Supplies for Screen Printing Kit

Ready to use
Easy to Use – Ecotex Water Based Ink was formulated for simplicity. All colors are ready-to-use inks, made to print directly on your silk screen. Add this to your silk screen printing kit or block printing kit and print amazing art on fabric, canvas, wood, paper or textiles.
Define Your Brand – Make your prints pop. SPD’s bright, crisp and opaque water-based inks are bold and will help your brand stand out from the rest. Create endlessly with premium silk screen printing inks formulated for professional screen printers and artists.
Go Green – All of SPD’s fabric printing inks are Non Phthalate, PCV Free, Eco-Friendly, and Vegan. Breathe easy knowing our screen printing inks are safe to use and environmentally sound.
Pro Tip – Create something wonderful using our water based inks and WR-Blue Emulsion, these two pair better than a fine wine and cheese at dinner. For clean-up, we recommend the Ecotex Water Based Screen Cleaner to wash away the fabric ink. Then SPD’s Emulsion Remover to wash away the emulsion.
Made in the USA – All Ecotex printmaking ink is made right here in the USA and hand-scooped by SPD’s finest. Build your screen printing brand with your best foot foreword with our screen printing tools.

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