#like Ecotex Dip Tank Solution 2 in 1 Emulsion Remover and Ink Remover for Screen Printing – Take The Hard Work Out of Reclaiming Your Screen Printing Screens with Our Dip Tank Solution.

2 in 1 formula
SAVE MONEY AND TIME – This Fast Acting 2 In 1 Emulsion And Ink Remover Makes Cleaning Your Screen Printing Mesh Simple And Cost Efficient. Save Money And Time By Using This To Fill Your Dip Tank and Clean Up after your Emulsion Screen Printing Process.
UNIVERSAL INK CLEANER – Now You Can Use One Solution as a: Plastisol Ink Remover Or Water Based Ink Remover. Water-based Ink and Plastisol Ink for Screen Printing Doesn’t Stand A Chance against our Dip Tank Solution
UNIVERSAL EMULSION CLEANER – Effectively Degrades All Screen Printing Emulsion Types. Using This Solution In Your Dip Tanks Helps to Speed Up Reclaiming Screens.
SUPER EFFICIENT – This Is An Economic Way To Clean Multiple Screens At Once. It cleans multiple screens at a time and makes reclaiming in a solvent wash tank, washout booth or sink effortless. Safe For All Screen Printing Mesh Types.
PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – All Our Chemicals Are Made Right Here In The USA

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