#like Dual Edge Aluminum Emulsion Scoop Coater for Silk Screen Printing Coating Tool (8 Inch )

Gold-Up’s Dual Edge Manual Emulsion Scoop Coater is a lightweight affordable coating tool that combines accuracy and consistency to provide excellent results.

The scoop coater is designed to provide a perfect coating angle that can be controlled easily with a comfortable handling.

They can be used with any liquid emulsion for any mesh count while providing a smooth and evenly layer of emulsion on your screen every time.

The dual-edge feature provides two coating options:
1.The round edge is best for lower mesh count screens; it is designed to quickly build up the emulsion with a minimum times that you have to coat the screens and still provide the right amount of emulsion onto the screens evenly.
2.The sharp edge is best for higher mesh count and face coats of all mesh count screens by applying a thinner deposit of emulsion to create a smooth and even layer.

Made from hard anodized aluminum and angled plastic end guidance caps which is sealed tight to ensure no leaking during coating process, not to mention that they are easy to clean as well.

Depends on the inside dimension of the screens, choose a scoop coater 1″ smaller than your screen’s inside dimension.
Example: A 20″ x 24″ (17” x 21” inside diameter.) screen will only require a 16 inch scoop coater.
*** Be sure to remove the black rubber protective pieces from scoop coater before using!

The emulsion Scoop Coater is the coating tool that used for silkscreen printing, 8 Inch Recommend for Frame Size: 12″ x 16” OD.
The Dual Edges Scoop coater are designed to use for silk screen of all mesh count (sharp edge for higher mesh counts and rounded edge lower mesh counts)
Made from hard anodized aluminum with plastic end guidance caps
Plastic end caps of the scoop coater is designed for easy and comfortable handling while providing guidance to coat a smooth layer of emulsion on your screens
These scoop coaters also come with two special rubber edge protectors to keep your scoop coater smooth and prevent cuts or scratches.

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