#like Dorhui 2 Pack UV Light for Screen Printing, 25W LED UV Screen Printing Exposure Light and Light Stand for Cyanotypes and Photo Emulsion Kit

Adjusting the height of the light stand will make sure you get the prefer exposing effect. Different model need different UV light intensity to do better after curing. If you not in a hurry, raise the height of the lamp can let curing more gently. If you are catching time, lower the height of the lamp can curing it faster by maximum brightness.
The light stand adopt two-way clamps for convenient install, it can be mounted on tables, wall edge, storage shelf, etc. It can be used anywhere and anytime without venue restriction. And the stand can be folded, easy to store and carry.

Suitable for large objects: Including 2 Pack Speedball diazo light kit. The wavelength of UV exposure light is 395nm, 2Pcs 25W UV light screen printing light is able to shorten the solidification time of screen printing or photo emulsion.
Exposure light for screen printing: Compatible with Diazo Photo Emulsion screens, and the curing time of screen print emulsion only takes 5-10 minutes. High efficiency, stable performance and long service life when using high quality lamp bead. The LED plate lamp service life can be up to 50,000 hours.
Adjustable height and angle light stand: The height and angle of the lamp can be adjusted according to specific need. The distance bet the lamp and plate can range from 1″ to 20″. The lamp can rotate by 360°, and make after curing more even and no dead corner. Adopts clamps for convenient heights and angle adjustment to meet different exposing demands.
Darkroom light for screen printing with On/Off button switch:Easy to control, open it while you want to use, save electricity, and convenient to control the curing time.
Wide application: This exposure unit for screen printing is mainly used for making screen plate in screen printing, pad printing, hot stamp printing, photo emulsion kit etc. The image can be perfectly transferred from the film to the screen. It can also be used for curing products whose wavelength of 395nm.

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