#like Colovis Screen Printing Frame and Squeegee Kit for Home or Small Business, Include 3 PCS Wooden Screen Printing Frames with Mesh and 2 PCS Screen Printing Squeegees

The screen printing squeegee has a blade with well defined smooth edges and a comfortable grip shape, which can transfer ink to the substrate cleanly and conveniently.

The screen printing frame with 110 mesh is made of smooth hardwood, which will not be deformed easily, which can withstand high tension to better help print beautiful pictures.

They should always be wiped clean and dry, and stored in a dry environment after use.

Quantity: 5PCS
Scraper Durometer: 75
Screen Printing Frame: 10 x 14 Inches, 8 x 10 Inches, 6 x 8Inches
Screen Printing Squeegee: 9.4 Inches, 5.9 Inches
Screen Printing Frames: wood and 110 white mesh
Screen printing squeegee: polyurethane blade and wooden handle

1 PCS 10 x 14 Inches Wood Silk Screen Printing Frame with 110 White Mesh
1 PCS 8 x 10 Inches Wood Silk Screen Printing Frame with 110 White Mesh
1 PCS 6 x 8Inches Wood Silk Screen Printing Frame with 110 White Mesh
1 PCS 9.4 Inches Screen Printing Squeegee
1 PCS 5.9 Inches Screen Printing Squeegee

Natural wood with some plaques is normal and does not affect normal use.

Value Pack: You will receive 3 wooden silk screen printing frames with 110 white mesh in different sizes (10×14, 8×10 and 6×8 inches) and 2 screen printing squeegees in different sizes (9.4 and 5.9 inches), certainly enough to meet most of your daily needs with these different matching.
Screen Printing Frame: Made of hardwood, our screen printing frame is smooth and will not deform easily, and each frame is stapled with 110 polyester mesh, which has high tension.
Screen Printing Squeegee: The handle with a comfortable grip shape is made of hardwood, which has an ergonomic shape for comfort and maximum control. The blade with a well defined smooth edge is made of polyurethane and has a moderate durometer of 75, which is very smooth when running the ink across the screen.
Wide Applications: Our screen printing frame together with scraper can easily print clear designs, perfect for pattern printing on various smooth surfaces like T-shirts,tote bags, mouse pads, paper, etc., which is especially suitable for DIY enthusiasts and small printing shop operators.
Warm Tips: For easy cleaning, please clean it in time after use, as the longer you let the paint sit on the screen, the harder the screen will come clean. This set does not include all the tools or supplies needed for silk screen printing, please purchase separately according to your needs.

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