#like Colovis 23 Pcs Screen Printing Starter Kit, Include 3 Sizes Wood Silk Screen Printing Frame, Screen Printing Squeegees, Transparency Inkjet Film, Masking Tape and Ink Spatula for Screen Printing

Package Included
1Pc 10 X 14 inch wood screen printing frame
1Pc 8 X 12 inch wood screen printing frame
1Pc 6 X 10 inch wood screen printing frame
1Pc wood screen printing squeegees
1Pc masking tape
1Pc ink spatula
2Pcs plastic scraper
5Pcs milky inkjet film
10Pcs wood stick
1Pcs instructions

1.The film have 2 side, the carrier sheet side and the inkjet receptive side. Touch by hand, the more slippery one is the carrier sheet side, the other is the side which takes ink.
2.Do not let the ink dry out during print and wash the frame immediately when you finish.
3.It does not include all the screen printing supplies in this kit, please check it before order.

Screen Printing Frames – The frames are pre-stretched. The mesh is high precision, scratch resistant, corrosion-resistant, great for screen printing projects. Also easy to wash. You can use for long time.
Screen Printing Squeegee – The squeegee has a rubber blade and wooden handle. Flexible and comfortable to grip. It is used to spread the emulsion and push the ink through a screen mesh.
Inkjet Film – The film is feature of high ink load capacity, high definition, quick dry, not not easy to curl, widely used in screen printing.
Masking Tape – It is easy to tear and remove, will not damage the surface. You can use it to wrap the frame while printing process, it will prevent the ink from seeping onto your materials.
Application – These tools are important things for screen printing at home or your small business, with them you can printing your designs on flat surface like, T-shirts, bags, paper, wood, glass and so on. Please kindly note that this kit does not include all the supplies of silk screen printing supplies.

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