#like Baby Iron on Patches Sticker Heat Transfer Applique Decals Butterfly Fox Lion Dinosaur Fish Cute Animal Decals for Kids Clothes Jeans Shirts Scarf Art Decor

This iron patch is ideal for children’s T-shirts, children’s clothing, vests, hats, etc.
A variety of cartoon animal pattern stickers for children to choose, both cute and individual.

Tools: 1. Ironing pad; 2. Electric iron (not steam iron); 3. Separate paper.

Household electric iron steps
1) Place the ironing mat on an ironing board or similar solid surface.
2) Place the item on the ironing pad,Make sure it is free of wrinkles and wrinkles.
3) Place the thermal iron on the patch on the item at the desired location.
4) Turn off the iron steam function and set the iron temperature to 120-160 °C.
5) Apply a firm pressure with iron for about 10-15 seconds during the transfer process.
6) After the patch sticker is cooled (2-5 seconds), carefully remove the plastic film.
7) If the transfer to the item is incomplete, cover the patch with a plastic film and repeat step 5.
8) Congratulations on the pattern to complete and enjoy your great work.

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