#like Animal Iron on Decals Leopard Tiger Sticker Heat Transfer Scorpion Cat Patches, Men Women Clothing DIY Applique Large Small Cute Lion Fox Washable Art Decoration Gift Jeans Jacket T-Shirt 18 Pcs

If you like DIY, then this animal heat transfer decals are highly recommended product. It can not only bring you the pleasure of doing it yourself, but also feel the joy after finishing the iron on.

Material: Heat transfer vinyl stickers
A grade, washable
Quantity. 6 pieces (3 sheets of large patterns, 3 sheets of small patterns, 3 sheets of small patterns containing 15 animal patterns, a total of 18 animal patterns)
Size: Please refer to the picture.

1. A good tool for stain repair.
2. Perfect clothing decoration.
3. Sufficient quantity and size to meet your different needs.
4. Rich animal patterns, bright colors and vivid images.

How to iron on with a household iron?
1. Prepare the animal pattern and level the clothes.
2. Turn on the iron, turn off the steam and set the temperature at 120-160 degrees.
3. Iron back and forth within 10-15 seconds. At this time, please pay attention to whether the edges are lifted up, if so, remember to repeat the ironing for a few seconds at the edges.
4. After cooling, tear off the film and finish.

Warm tip
Do not wash immediately after ironing, it is recommended to wash after 24 hours.

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