#like [6 Pack] Extra Long Silicone Squeegee for Screen Printing & Stencil Sheets – DIY Screen Print Squeegee – Rubber Squeegee Screen Printing – DIY Silk Screen Printing Squeegee – Chalk Paste & Ink Scraper

Essential Hand Screenprinting Tools

Screen printing template? Check.

Screen printing ink? Check.

Screen printing squeegee? Check, but they’re too small for this project.

Your printmaking kit needs these long squeegees to get the job done.

These all-silicone tools spread the screen printing paint across your large silk screen stencils faster.

You can use the tapered edge for small letter stencils and the more intricate details.

It’s the multi-purpose tool to complete your craft essentials.

Equip Your Creativity

Ideas need the right tools to bring them to life.

Unleash your imagination with these extra large squeegees in your arsenal of printmaking supplies.

Increase your range of motion when spreading screenprinting paint across your custom stencils.

Accomplish your daily goals faster and with less mess at the end.

Get the Most Out of DIY Projects

A welcome stencil for your front door? Christmas stencils for your windows? Lettering stencils for your room?

The possibilities are endless with this set of squeegees in your silkscreen press kit.

Put your creativity to the test with these large, flexible, multi-purpose squeegees in your print supplies.
Extra Long — This 4” x 1.5” long squeegee covers more surface area with each stroke. Other mini squeegees limit you to small projects. The elongated rubber edge of this squeegee spreads printmaking ink wider, helping you finish your project faster, whether it’s a custom stencil or t-shirt graphic
All Silicone Flexibility — This silk screen squeegee is made of soft silicone material and contains no BPA. This allows for the extra flexibility needed when working with large letter stencils and bigger designs. The tapered edge gives you precision for more detailed areas
Enhance Your DIY Experience — Art is therapeutic. Your DIY silk screen designs help boost your self-esteem. Explore avenues of your unique creative expression with this handy screenprinting squeegee to help you
Tools of the Trade — Whether it’s a hobby, a side hustle or a profession, printmakers need the right screen printing tools to bring their art to life. This long paint squeegee helps improve consistency and speed of creation
Value Pack — Screen printing supplies need to be fully stocked to avoid interruptions in your creative process. Your washable and reusable screenprint squeegee comes in a convenient pack of 6. This allows you to use many colors at the same time

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