#like 44 Pcs Screen Printing Kit Include Silk Screen Printing Frame,Screen Printing Squeegee, Plastic Scraper,Inkjet Transparency Films, Mask Tape, Wood Sticks and Latex Gloves for DIY T-Shirt Tool

Draw Your Image
Scraper: Three kinds of scrapers are available. 9.4 inch wooden handle squeegee is a 75 durometer screen printing squeegee, which has excellent wear resistance and solvent resistance
Screen Printing Frame: This frame is made of aluminum material with 110 white mesh. Compared with the silk screen wooden frame, aluminum screen printing frame is light and durable. There are two different kinds of mesh, and the number of mesh is determined according to the fineness of the printed graphics and text.
Silk Screen Printing Clamps: The butterfly clip is used to fix the screen during the printing process. It can be fixed on any console or you can make your own console. The operation is simple and convenient.
Aluminum Emulsion Scoop Coater: Made of aluminum alloy, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Emulsion scoop coater is evenly apply lotion and does not damage the screen.
Multiple uses: You can use this screen printing professional kit to print patterns on T-shirts, canvas tote bags and vests. The printed product can be a gift for friends and relatives, which is a good project.

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