#like 4 Pcs Merry Christmas Iron on Stickers Deer Santa Heat Transfer Stamping Stickers A-Level Washable, Iron on Patches DIY for Jackets Coats T-Shirt Bags Jean Decoration

Pattern: Deer Santa
Style:4 styles
Color: Mixed Color
Designs: Water Transfer DIY Slider
For Heat Transfer Machine
Step 1: Setting temperature, heat press machine.
Step 2: P Clothes flat on the Ironing board.
Step 3: Put heat transfer, upward patterns.
Step 4: Handles push down firmly for 10 seconds.
Step 5: tear off membrane immediately.
Step 6: The patterns on the clothes membrane are present.
For Household Irons
Tools: Ironing Pad, Electric irons (Do not steam iron), and Separator Paper
1, The ironing Pad on the platform.
2、Tile clothes in the Ironing pad.
3、The pattern on the position you want to paste.
4、Turn Off the steam, temperature at 120-160 degrees.
5、10-15 seconds with a beat.
6、tear off membrane immediately.
7, If is no Ironing intact, repeat step 5.
8, congratulations, patterns completion.

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