#like 35 Pieces Screen Printing Kit, Include 3 Size of Wood Silk Screen Printing Frames with 150 Mesh, Butterfly Hinge Clamp, Screen Print Squeegees, Ink Knife, Inkjet Transparency Film

Are you still pick up a hobby of crafting Screen printing is a classic and easy way to print patterns on T-shirts or tote bag. This screen printing starter kit can help you make the screen printing more easier and convenient.

Package included:
1 x internal size 8×12 Inch Wood Silk Screen Printing Frame With 150 White Mesh
1 x internal size 6.2×8 Inch Wood Silk Screen Printing Frame With 150 White Mesh
1 x internal size 4.3×6 Inch Wood Silk Screen Printing Frame With 150 White Mesh
1 x 9.5 Inch Screen Printing Squeegee
1 x 6 Inch Screen Printing Squeegee
2 x Butterfly hinge clamp + with 4pc screws
1 x 6.9 Inch Ink Knife 
2 x 6.5 Inch Plastic Scraper
6 x A4 Size Inkjet Transparency Film
8 x Gloves
10 x Wood Mixing Sticks

A4 Size Inkjet Transparency Film – Side of the film to print on: waterproof film has two sides, the carrier sheet side and the inkjet receptive side. To determine which side is the inkjet receptive side, dampen your finger and touch a corner of the film, the side that is sticky is the side that will take ink.
You can also use your mouth to blow a breath to distinguish between the front and the back, and the side that won’t fog up is the printing surface.
When you finished the screen painting, please clean the wooden frame and mesh, and put it to dry location.
The longer you let the paint sit on the screen, the harder the screen will come clean and that’s when you’ll need elbow grease to get it completely clean.
【An Upgraded 35 Pcs Screen Printing Kit】Come with 3pc screen printing frames (internal size: 8 x 12″, 6.2 x 8″, 4.3 x 6″) with 150 white mesh, 2pc butterfly hinge clamp + with 4pc screws, 2pc (9.5″ + 6″) screen printing squeegee, 2pc 6.5″ plastic scraper, 1pc 6.9″ ink knife, 6pc A4 size inkjet transparency film, 8pc gloves and 10pc wood sticks.
【High-Quality Screen Printing Frames】We have 12 years’ experience in screen printing, the upgraded 150 mesh screen printing screen has higher precision, so that the printing effect is better, scratch resistant, durable, corrosion resistant.To support reuse, we made a leak-proof design at the connection between the screen and the wood frame, both in the printing process and the cleaning process, prevents paint from seeping over the edge of the wood frame. With 2 sizes kinds of screen printing squeegees meet your different printing needs.
【Butterfly Hinge Clamp】2pc butterfly hinge clamp + with 4pc screws, in the process of screen printing, hinge clamps helps to fix the screen frame to make the printed pattern more accurate,suitable for all levels like starters and advanced users.
【Inkjet Transparency Film】6 pieces A4 size transparency film, feature of high ink load capacity, high definition, quick dry, not not easy to curl, widely used in screen printing and a great favor for your printing which helps you transfer the pattern you design.
【Customized Images for Yourselves】You can print patterns you like on T-shirts, canvas tote bags, paper, wood, mat and tank tops with this screen printing kit, the finished products also suitable as gifts for your families, friends, neighbors.

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