#like 20W UV Light Screen Printing with UV Light Stand, Exposure Unit for Screen Printing, Screen Printing Exposure Light Stand for Screen Printing Light Exposure Unit

  1. First, you need to install the 20W uv light for screen printing, make sure exposure unit screen printing can work perfect
  2. Glass to hold transparency down
  3. Place transparency face down on screen
  4. Place glass over transparency
  5. UV exposure unit screen printing emulsion curing time of only 10-12 minutes, the specific time depends on the thickness of the emulsion coating
  6. Once screen printing light exposure table time over,wet the screen down on both sides, keeping it wet
  7. Once the design starts to clear, lightly spary from the inside until it's open
  8. Use air nozzle to remove residual water

★【Excellent Performance】The wavelength of screen printing light exposure is 395nm, screen printing curing light is able to shorten the solidification time of photo emulsion. The curing time of screen print emulsion only takes 10-12 minutes, high efficiency and stable performance.
★【What’s Include】 Screen printing exposure unit, PVC Exposure Stand and 2pcs “S” hook hang the exposure lamp. Can be placed on floor or your art table, the screenprint starter kit will be suspended from the beam by 2 S-shaped hanging hooks.
★【Adjustable Angle Light Stand】The screen printing uv light exposure unit angle of the lamp can be adjusted according to specific need. The lamp can rotate easily and make after curing more even and no dead corner. Exquisite design to meet different exposure requirements in various occasions.
★【Wide Application】 The screen exposure unit is mainly used for screen printing, pad printing, stamping, blue printing and other scenes that require screen printing exposure. Detachable design, portable and suitable for various scenarios, screen printing with convenience and easy.
★【Lamp Stand】The overall size of the led uv screen printing exposure light is 9.2″(W) x 17″(L) x 17″(H), which can be placed on your workbench, and the screen printing kit with uv light will be suspended from the stand by two S-shaped hooks.

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