#like 2 Pieces Iron on Sticker Patches for Clothes Decoration,Cool Crown Lion Pattern Heat Transfer Decals,One Big and One Small Washable DIY Thermal Transfer Applique for T-Shirt Jeans Backpacks

How to use
For Household Irons Tool: Ironing Pad and Electric irons( Do not use steam iron)
1.Tile clothes in the Ironing pad.
2.The pattern on the position you want to paste.
3.Adjust the iron to the linen cotton position, temperrature keep at 120-160 ℃
4.Place a thin piece of cloth on the surface of the sticker and press firmly and evenly.10-15 seconds with a beat.
5. Tear off protective menbrance slowly
6. If isn’t Ironing intact, repeat step 5.
7.congratulations, patterns completion.

For Heat Transfer Machine
1. Set the temperature (140-160℃), time (10 Seconds) and pressure (4-5 KG) of the heat transfer machine
2. Lay the carrier on the flat plate of the machine, and pre-press once to make the carrier flat
3. Turn the sticker with the transparent film side up, and place the pattern on the position where the carrier is to be transferred.
4. Start the transfer
5. After the transfer is completed, slowly tear off the transparent protective film, and then wash it after 24 hours

1. If there is a pressing machine, try to use the pressing machine to iron it, so as to ensure that the temperature and pressure meet the requirements, and the quality of the finished product is better
2. If you use a household iron (note that it cannot be a steam iron), do not stay for too long when ironing, press it back and forth, apply even force, and press the edge more to prevent warping
3. After scalding, try to wash it after 24 hours
4. Avoid excessive rubbing for hand washing, and turn the heat transfer inside for machine washing.

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