#like 2 Pcs of Silk Screen Printing Hinge Clamps for Screen Printing Frame Machine,for Fixing Screen Printing Mesh,Screen Printing DIY Tool,4 Screws Included in The Package.

Instructions: This product is used to make simple handprinting station, fixed screen version, 1 pair for small screen version, and several pairs for large screen version.
In general, the screen printing frame requires at least 2 screen printing fixtures and 4 screws to secure.
This is one of the tools necessary for screen printing.
Scope of application: for the fixing of wood screen printing frame or aluminum alloy screen printing frame.
For Starters, new beginners learn how to screen printing.
Screen Printing Clamp Features: The material is chrome-plated, it will not be rusted, durable and firm, and it can stabilize the screen without moving.

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