#like 13 x 19 Inch Waterproof Inkjet Transparency Film for Silk Screen Printing – 1 Pack (50 Sheets)

Product Description:

Micro-porous waterproof coating technology
– Dimensionally stable film means great registration and no curling
– Quick dry time equals faster process times and less ink usage
– Accurate dot placement results in excellent line definition and acuity
– High ink load capacity
– Minimal “yellowing” allows the processed film to retain the image over time and be used repeatedly
– Thickness: 4 Mil

Side of the film to print on: waterproof film has two sides, the carrier sheet side and the inkjet receptive side. To determine which side is the inkjet receptive side, dampen your finger and touch a corner of the film, the side that is sticky is the side that will take ink.

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